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 My loving family and friends!

 "Stick a fork in me, I'm done!" No, wait a minute... "Take the 'stick' out

 of me, I'M the FORK!" Now that's more like it, and just what I told the

 precious chemo nurses today as the last I.V. was removed!

 Thanks to all of you for your support through this last 8 month journey.

 Today we celebrate the end of my chemotherapy treatment! Round 12, and we

 won! I'm well, strong and happy and filled with thanks for the many

 blessings and lessons God has given to me.

 I'm healthier physically, mentally and emotionally than I was before the

 breast cancer diagnosis! Imagine that. Prayers are answered.

 To imagine that I'd ever think of any kind of a cancer as a gift would have

 been outrageous before. Believe me, it's a gift. If we don't listen to the

 whispers, God will get our attention with a brick, someone once said.

 Breast cancer was not only a wake up call that some harmony between mind,

 body and spirit had to happen, it's become an opportunity for making a

 difference in the world and helping others help themselves and each other.

 The breast cancer support website I've created has

 taken on a life of it's own. Soon to come will be links to the resources I

 have so that with a simple click any husband who's wife has breast cancer

 can reach my sweet husband at, or Chelsea at or even my trainer, Michelle at

 Connecting survivors, family and friends to the resources so desperately

 needed during an uncertain time empowers and supports anyone who needs it.

 What a blessing to be able to be a catalyst for it to happen.

 Remember, God won't take any of us one second before our due time. As long

 as we are alive, it's our responsibility to listen closely for the whispers

 of what our mission is while we're here.

 This is not a dress rehearsal, believe me. I had to get hit with the brick!

 Wherever you are reading this, please say a prayer of thanks to God for

 healing me and say another that my journey can help to heal others through

 education, support and empowerment. I'm saying a prayer of thanks that my

 life is filled with all of you, and especially my extraordinary Husband who

 shows me every day how much he loves me, my beautiful daughter, Chelsea who

 fills me with pride and laughter, my office staff, who every day are a

 source of support and inspiration.

 We are planning a weekend next month to finally go see my family in

 Illinois. I have a brand new niece, Kelly Renee who will be 5 months old

 and I've never seen her! The growth of the relationships with my family so

 far away is amazing. Thank God for email!

 The next short trip will be to Bridgewater, MA to see our church family in

 May. Lee, thanks for emailing the great sermons. I look forward to them

 every week.

 My dear friend Charlie Martin sent the following to me today. It was so

 perfect that I opened it first in my computer and it reflected exactly what

 I wanted to say! Thanks Charlie.

 Author Unknown -

 Age is more a matter of focus and physiology than chronology. Many people

 have lived many years but still have a "skip" in their walk and flexibility

 in their thought.

 A simple example of this is found on a rainy day. When "old" people see a

 puddle, what do they do? They not only walk around it, they complain the

 whole time!

 On the other hand, children--and those still young at heart--might jump

 right in, laugh, splash around, and have a good time.

 Enjoy life's "puddles." Live with a spring in your step, a smile on your

 face. Make cheerfulness, outrageousness, and playfulness new priorities for

 your life. You're alive! You can feel good for no reason at all!

 Keep checking the website as I add to it almost every weekend. If you'd

 like to have an email link on the site let me know. Sharing how being my

 friend or family member has affected you or our relationship can certainly

 help others. It matters to know that we're not alone and that someone else

 knows how we feel. That's all the world is about, you know. Loving God

 above all else and our neighbors as ourselves - even when our neighbors are

 behaving like jack asses! (I'm really working on it... ;)

 Love, Laughter, Hope and Hugs!



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